Pay with Visa: convenient, safe, reliable

Most of us have long been accustomed to fast and safe payment in stores. The ability to use a card without additional fees, not to stand in line for a long time, not to think about a forgotten wallet with cash, to receive cashback for purchases.

Safety became especially important in 2020, when we were all forced to limit physical contact, especially when shopping. When using cash can pose a health risk, it's good to have a contactless alternative, namely cashless payments.

Visa takes pride in providing secure and innovative payment solutions for billions of users worldwide. Payments with Visa mean saving time, security, and protection against fraud during transactions, as well as the ability to request refunds if something goes wrong.

Moreover, with Visa, the advantage is not only for the customer but also for the merchant. Cashless payments help stores improve the quality and speed of service, which often leads to increased sales.

Of course, any form of payment (cash, card, or otherwise) involves certain expenses. Lately, there has been an increasing discussion about the cost and value of cashless payments for businesses and their customers. Let's explore together how payments for purchases with the Visa payment system take place, who participates in it, and who ultimately pays for it. Let's figure out together how to pay for a purchase using the Visa payment system, who participates in it, and who ultimately pays for it.

What happens when paying with VISA?


Yuri and Nastya choose a gift for their friend.

- Come on! Shall we buy online or in a shopping center?

- Let's go to the shopping center and try it on!


Payment methods

The image shows payment methods - Visa card, smartphone, watch, contactless payment


Cashless payments with

  • Card
  • Smartphone
  • Smartwatch


How does the payment process work?

Issuing bank

  • Provides access to contactless payments
  • Verifies the authenticity of a transaction
  • Protects Yuri and Nastya against cyber fraudsters
  • Helps control their expenses
A logo of Visa

VISA (Global Payment Technology Company)

  • Identifies Yuri and Nastya's card 
  • Guarantees the security of payments with multi-level protection and protects against cyber fraudsters
  • Responsible for information exchange between the issuing bank and the acquiring bank
  • Provides 24/7 customer support

Acquiring bank:

  • Allows the store to accept cashless payments
  • Guarantees receipt of payment
  • Keeps a record of each transaction

Q: Do I need to pay anything extra for bank and Visa services?

A: Of course not! The price of the hoodie covers all possible commissions, including interbank commissions. 

Q: And why is it needed? 

A: Interbank commission (intercharge) is a commission that the acquiring bank pays to the issuing bank for each transaction with Visa

Temple icon

Acquiring bank

(serves the seller's account)

A logo of Visa
Interbank comission is not a source of income for Visa. Visa only determines the commission rate taking into account the interests of all parties

Interbank commission

Payment infrastructure development

Fraud protection

New payment technologies

Temple icon

Issuing bank

(issued the buyer's card)

Bonuses for clients

  • Free card service
  • Cashback on purchases
  • Preferential service for credit cards
  • Discounts and loyalty programs

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