TVORCHI, with Visa and UNITED24, Launched a Fundraiser for Equipment to Aid Premature Babies

The goal is to attract international support during  the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, aiming to  raise 10 million UAH  for the purchase of 10 incubators to save infants*. Visa will double-match each donation made by Visa card issued by Ukrainian banks.

Because of the war, the number of premature babies has increased by at least 15%. Behind this figure there are thousands of vulnerable children who were born prematurely and cannot survive without special assistance;  incubators are needed to save their little hearts.

The Ukrainian duo TVORCHI, the global leader in digital payments company Visa and the fundraising platform UNITED24, with support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, announced the start of a fundraiser for such incubators.

“Our song Heart of Steel contains the following line: ‘The world is on fire, but you must act.’ Even in the most difficult times, we must not forget what is important; we must be united and help those who need it. Like young Ukrainians who were born during the war. We are honored to present the project ‘Saving the Hearts of Children’ and to promote it during the Eurovision Song Contest, attracting support from all over the world,” commented the band, TVORCHI.

All benefactors can make donations quickly and conveniently by scanning the QR code from the acquiring bank, monobank. The QR code will be placed on the landing pages of the campaign from Visa and UNITED24, as well as on various visual materials of the project, in particular on the installation ‘Caring Hearts’ at the Kyiv Railway Station, from where the band will depart by the Ukrainian Railways train for Liverpool, United Kingdom,  at the end of April to represent Ukraine at ‘Eurovision 2023’. Visa will double each donation made via Visa card issued by Ukrainian banks.

“russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has been going on for over a year. It is extremely important for us that the world’s focus is on helping Ukrainians. Medical professionals in Ukraine are now observing that, because of missile attacks and the stress of war, more premature births are occurring. Doctors need more specialized equipment to help children survive and develop. We are grateful to all project partners that are working on this issue with us, in the context of the Eurovision Song Contest, where Ukraine will be represented by TVORCHI with a symbolic song about a heart of steel,” commented Yaroslava Gres, Coordinator of the UNITED24 fundraising platform.

Campaign contributors who donate 1,000 UAH or more will have a chance to win one of 100 unique heart-shaped pieces of silver jewelry from designer FROLOV and jewelry brand SOVA. 10 unique gold jewelry pieces will also be raffled off among the ten most generous donors in Ukraine.

“Supporting socially vulnerable groups is an important line of Visa's work, especially in these turbulent times,” commented Svitlana Chyrva, Vice President, Regional Manager for Ukraine and Moldova, Visa. “We believe in online charity as an instrument engaging millions of people in charitable initiatives that Visa regularly implements in Ukraine. This time, we have joined forces with the talented band TVORCHI and the UNITED24 platform for the special purpose of giving the youngest Ukrainians a chance to live. Thanks to convenient and secure digital payments by Visa, everyone can become a savior of little hearts, making a few clicks, and Visa will double-match  donations from Visa cards issued by Ukrainian banks.”

Funds will be raised via the UNITED24 platform and transferred to the account of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the purchase of incubators. If the amount of collected funds exceeds the goal, all donations will be used to purchase several more incubators. Contributions can be made not only by individuals, but also by legal entities (organizations and companies) through a bank payment. For bank details for payment, please visit the project page and/or the UNITED24 website.

Through the project ‘Saving the Hearts of Children’, Ukrainians will have the opportunity to unite their efforts in a rhythm synonymous with the unbreakable ‘Heart of Steel’ from the TVORCHI song. An opportunity to help the hearts of babies who need care and medical assistance.

“As a rule, prematurely born babies do not have fully developed vital functions, such as independent breathing, thermoregulation, and the ability to eat. Therefore, daylight and the external environment are too aggressive for them. That is why they must be nursed in special conditions. An incubator can create a special environment with the necessary oxygen concentration, humidity, temperature levels, silence and lighting, while also allowing parenteral nutrition and round-the-clock monitoring of vital signs,” commented Mariia Karchevych, Deputy Minister for Digital Development of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The fundraiser will run from April 28 to May 28, 2023. After that, the funds (including those that will be doubled by Visa) will be transferred to the recipient, and the prizes will be raffled off.

The press release in e-form (in particular, in English), information about the TVORCHI band, logos of the organizers, photos of the speakers and photos from the press conference are available via this QR code (direct link).