mPOS mobile terminal


It's no a secret that paying with a payment card is much more convenient and safer than with cash. According to the NBU research over the past 5 years the share of non-cash settlement operations using payment cards has increased almost 4 times! Therefore, it’s an urgent necessity for any business to give your customer the opportunity to pay by card. It's very simple. All you need is an mPos, your smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection.

What is an mPos terminal?

In short, the mPos-terminal is your opportunity to accept card payments anywhere and anytime. It’s a simple and compact device for accepting payments on your smartphone or tablet. It is an innovation that works and is gaining popularity worldwide because:

  • It's portable. With the mPos terminal, you accept a payment card wherever you are — in a store, on the road, approaching a customer, etc.
  • It's available. You spend a very small amount to purchase mPos, which immediately starts working for you.
  • It positively affects the image of your business. Nearly 8 out of 10 card users have stated that the ability to pay by card elevates the status and attractiveness of your point of sale or business in their eyes.

Why do you need an mPos terminal?

  • It will reduce your expenses. The low cost of equipment and software allows for cost-effective connection and accepting card payments with minimal monthly fees.
  • It will increase your income. Accepting cards can increase your sales. Research shows that consumers spend more with payment cards than with cash, and their loyalty to your point-of-sale increases.
  • Improves the convenience and efficiency of working with cash flow. You get paid faster, spend less time in the bank, use mPos reports to track your cash flow and much more.
  • Work for pleasure and do not think about safety. Visa and mPos have already taken care of security! Learn more about our security standards and the solutions Visa provides to keep all mPos transactions secure.
  • Now you will be able to easily sell your goods or services not only to Ukrainians, but also to foreigners, for whom the ability to pay by card has long been common and necessary.
  • A small yet significant and gratifying addition — by promoting the use of cards, you are assisting the economy of Ukraine, fostering its health and reducing opportunities for abuse and corruption.

How to connect?

Very, very simple! Just 3 steps: 
Number one

Contact the Visa mPos acquiring bank

Find the right one for you by the link. 

Number two

Set up an account

Download the required data on the website of your mPos provider. Then download the mPos mobile app. 

Number three

Enjoy how easy it is to accept card payments now

After you receive your reader device, sync it with your application. Then test how it works and enjoy – now you accept Visa payment cards for payment!