Visa B2B Connect – Global payments through a single connection

Visa B2B Connect's multilateral network delivers B2B cross-border payments that are predictable, secure and cost-effective for financial institutions and their corporate clients.

Provide your customers with improved international business practices with an innovative network designed to enable participating financial institutions and their business customers to make global business payments that are streamlined, secure and predictable.

Reliable innovative technology

A restricted-access network managed by Visa
To become a member of the network, you must follow the rules established in it.

No cryptocurrencies
The only electronic assets are bank-issued payment instructions approved by Visa.

Developed on a commercial scale
A highly available network designed to handle thousands of transactions per second.

Predictability and real-time visibility

Improve visibility into real-time transaction status by reducing the number of transfers in the payment chain.

Transparency and completeness of payment

Transparent network information with the final completion of payments.

Transaction data consistency

Consistent data ensures seamless transactions for financial institutions and their business customers with simplified reconciliation.

Digital identification

Unique digital identities mark sensitive business data and reduce the chance of fraud.

Operational compatibility

The Visa B2B Connect system is able to work with legacy systems.

Multilateral network

Streamlines and transforms the payment path by offering global access, peer-to-peer exchanges, and multilateral netting of large payments.

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FAQ about Visa B2B Connect