Enjoy free access to business lounges with Lounge Key and premium Visa cards


Free access to business lounges with Lounge Key and premium Visa Platinum, Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cards!*

By presenting your card, you can visit any of the more than 1300 business lounges around the world twice a year with Visa Platinum* and Visa Platinum Business, 10 times per year with Visa Signature and without limit with Visa Infinite.

With premium Visa cards, every trip is exceptional service and comfort!

The cost of each visit, which is not free under the terms of the program, as well as all guest visits, is USD 32 (the amount will be debited directly from your card account).

Find out about the remaining number of visits and view the history of visits to business lounges by registering on the Lounge Key website:

Visa Platinum
Visa Signature
Visa Infinite
Visa Platinum Business

* The offer to visit business lounges under the Lounge Key program does not apply to Visa Platinum cards with numbers: 4363 230Х ХХХХ ХХХХ; 4363 233Х ХХХХ ХХХХ; 4363 234Х ХХХХ ХХХХ; 4363 235Х ХХХХ ХХХХ; 4363 237Х ХХХХ ХХХХ.

Details on the Hotline of your bank.

The offer for Visa Platinum, Visa Platinum Business, Visa Signature and Visa Infinite premium cards is valid until September 30, 2024.

How to redeem the offer?

At the entrance of the business lounge, please inform the staff that you are a member of the Lounge Key program. Additionally, provide the lounge attendant with your Visa Platinum, Visa Platinum Business, Visa Signature, or Visa Infinite card, boarding pass, and a document confirming your identity.

Terms of use

To use a free visit to the Lounge Key business hall, you need to pay with Visa Platinum cards for UAH 5,000, Visa Signature for UAH 10,000, and Visa Infinite for UAH 20,000 within a month. There are no limits on the amount for Visa Platinum Business.

Questions and answers about the Lounge Key program

Questions and answers about the terms of use

Collinson Group, the operator of the Priority Pass and LoungeKey programs, condemns the military actions in Ukraine and therefore decided to temporarily suspend operations in Russia.

Suspension of activity means the following changes:

  • Temporarily there will be no access to all business halls in all airports and railway stations; offers of partners under the programs Priority Pass, LoungeKey and Lounge Gateway and SmartDelay in Russia and around the world.

  • Membership in the Priority Pass and LoungeKey programs will be suspended for all customers who received it as part of a package of privileges provided by any Russian bank - which means no opportunity to visit any business lounges or use the offers of program partners.

  • For those who have purchased a Priority Pass membership directly from the Priority Pass website or through other direct means, the membership will be suspended and fully reactivated once the program resumes. The sale of new membership packages has also been suspended.