Take care of your health in Ukraine and abroad with the Telemedicine service from Visa

Telemedicine is a service aimed at supporting and caring for the health and psychological well being of Ukrainians.  Currently, Visa aims to assist as many customers as possible in taking care of their own health and the health of their beloved ones. Therefore, we have expanded the Telemedicine program for all Visa cardholders.


For Visa Platinum, Visa Signature and Visa Infinite premium cardholders

It doesn't matter where you are — in Ukraine or abroad. Thanks to the Telemedicine service, you can get advice and help from Ukrainian doctors in any country.

You can communicate with a family doctor or a specialist (therapist, pediatrician, urologist, gynecologist, surgeon, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, proctologist, orthopedist, neurologist, traumatologist) through the program.

According to the level of your card you get:

  • with Visa Platinum — 5 free consultations per year
  • with Visa Signature — 10 free consultations per year
  • with Visa Infinite — an unlimited number of free consultations per year

How to make an appointment and use a free consultation?

Go to the Visa Ukraine chatbot and register
Choose «Telemedicine» from the chatbot menu
Order the service through the link you will receive in the chatbot
Get an online consultation with a specialized doctor


Working with a psychologist is a significant manifestation of self-care, an opportunity to feel the moment, focus on sensations and slow down your rhythm. 


For all Visa cardholders


Together with the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists and the Family Psychotherapy Section, we strive to help as many people as possible. Psychologists of the program work with a wide range of problems — from childhood trauma to dealing with panic attacks and anxiety.

With any Visa card, you can take advantage of 5 free consultations per year.

How to make an appointment?

  1. Go to the VisaUkraine chatbot and register.
  2. Select "Telemedicine" in the chatbot menu.
  3. Select the "Psychological Support" direction.
  4. Specify the desired date and details of the appointment.
  5. Get an appointment.
Get to know specialists who provide psychological support:


For Visa Infinite cardholders


Psychological support is currently very important, so we offer Visa Infinite cardholders the opportunity to receive 5 consultations per year with a chosen specialist. You can select the specialist and schedule an appointment through our Visa Ukraine chatbot.

How to make an appointment?

  1. Go to the VisaUkraine chatbot and register.
  2. Select "Telemedicine" in the chatbot menu.
  3. Select the "Psychological support" direction.
  4. Click the "Premium Visa card" button.
  5. Select "Check service availability", then add or select an already added card.
  6. Order the service if available*. 
  7. On the "MediKit" platform, please register if you are a first-time user and select a specialist and available time slot. 
  8. Get an appointment.

On the day of the consultation, 1 hour before the appointment, you will receive an SMS message with a reminder. The consultation will take place as a call or video call on the Medikit platform. You can cancel the consultation on the main page of the Medikit platform.

Nutritionist consultation

For Visa Infinite cardholders 


Currently, it is very important for your body and mental health to maintain a healthy diet. Therefore, for Visa Infinite cardholders, we offer consultations, creating a daily meal plan and adjusting it based on the results of the tests.

Get 5 consultations per year for free with the Visa Infinite card.

Online lectures from Visa experts

For all Visa cardholders 


During this time, it's important to keep yourself energized and in good spirits. Therefore, we are launching a series of lectures by experts that will help you cope with stress and not lose your positive attitude.

In the Visa chatbot menu, you will find a wide range of advice from experienced experts in the field of medicine and healthy lifestyle under the "Online Lectures" section. These lectures are available to all Visa cardholders.

To follow announcements and receive links to all lectures, go to the VisaUkraine chatbot, select the "Telemedicine" section and click the "Online lectures" button.

Wherever you are, take care of your health with Telemedicine service from Visa!

Telemedicine service from Visa is not a medical service and is not a method of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Visa is not responsible for your health. All services for the organization of telemedical consultations are provided by the partner of the Telemedicine service. Do not self-medicate, seek professional help from doctors.

How to connect a chatbot?

Who exactly organizes the medical support?

All services for the organization of telemedical consultations are provided by Medikit. Medikit provides online communication with leading doctors of the country who work in the best private and public medical institutions of Ukraine.

Contact Information 

«MEDIKIT» LLC, 14A Bulvarno-Kudryavska St., office 26, Kyiv, +38 (044) 233 62 50. www.medikit.ua

Telemedicine: FAQ