Those who care buy Volunteer Fuel at WOG with Visa

The offer is no longer valid. See all current offers from Visa

Dobropalyvo is high-quality fuel from WOG for Ukrainian charitable organizations, which is doubled when paid for with a Visa card.

The goal of the joint project of Visa and WOG is to support with quality fuel Ukrainian charitable organizations that deliver food, hygiene products, clothing, water, medicine and other necessary items to the frontline and de-occupied territories of Ukraine.

The organizers will direct the collected fuel to the Birds project from the Feel charity fund, the Zhyttelyub charity fund, and the Serhiy Prytula Foundation. The work of these funds is associated with a large number of trips, so the need for fuel is constant and substantial.

Supporting the initiative is very simple:

  1. Visit a WOG gas station.
  2. 'Donate' any amount of liters of fuel by informing the cashier of your desire to participate in the Dobropalyvo project.
  3. Pay for Dobropalyvo with your Visa card — and your charitable liters will be doubled.

Let's do good together!

The offer is valid for holders of all Visa cards until December 18, 2023.