Visa Purchasing

The Visa Purchasing card will allow you to simplify the purchasing process, reduce paperwork and save time and money.

Visa Purchasing is the optimal solution for both medium-sized companies and multinational corporations that use traditional methods of coordination, payment and tracking of purchases.

The card is also perfect for organizations that aim to reduce costs by optimizing purchases and operations related to reporting, as well as enhance supply efficiency and business processes.

Visa Purchasing provides your company with the following benefits:

  • Convenience of use and reduction of paper workload
  • Cost reduction
  • Additional control over expenses
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Accepted worldwide


Convenience of use and reduction of paper workload

The Visa Purchasing card helps reduce the number of requests, supply orders, invoices, and receipts. The electronic control and reporting system allows employees to purchase the goods needed by the company without lengthy negotiations and time-consuming processing of documentation.


Cost reduction 

Visa commercial solutions help optimize business processes and reduce costs. With the Visa Purchasing card, a company can save an average of $8 to $27 per transaction by cutting data processing costs (according to Aberdeen Group, 2006).


Additional control over expenses 

Companies that use the Visa Purchasing card can easily track and control expenses, set spending limits for suppliers, and leverage this information to negotiate more favorable terms. Additionally, the card enables expense management for employees without the need to personally sign papers for each transaction.


Detailed reporting and analytics 

Financial reporting. Visa allows you to track transaction data with the card. Transaction reports can be generated according to your preferences. The information can be downloaded into your accounting and/or financial system for quick and accurate analysis of procurement expenses.


Accepted worldwide 

The Visa Purchasing card is accepted at millions of locations around the world and across the entire global Visa ATM network. With the help of the card, you can buy any goods (from office supplies to computers) and pay for corporate services (from recruitment to catering).

For further information and to obtain a Visa Purchasing card, please contact your bank.

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