Visa Signature Travel Insurance

Travelers Insurance is an extended insurance program for the Visa Signature cardholder (with a coverage limit of up to USD 750,000) and his family.

How does it work?

The program is valid for the first 90 days of all trips in Ukraine and abroad (coverage varies).

In addition to the card holder, the program benefits the following:

⇒ spouse, not older than 80 years at the time of the start of the coverage period,


⇒ up to 5 people — children, stepdaughters / stepsons, as well as adopted children younger than 18 years old or 24 years old, if they are studying (full-time), not married and financially dependent on the card holder (according to the legislative norms of the country of residence) and those who live together with the card holder (with the exception of cases of separate residence during full-time education).

Most types of sports are included in the program, provided that the card holder is not a professional athlete, a participant in competitions, and the format of sports activities provides the necessary level of security.

The program is valid only if payment is made with a Visa Signature card or the cost of transportation or accommodation during the trip.

The privilege program provides:

⇒ Provision of background information

⇒ Health protection

⇒ Personal property protection

⇒ Protection against unexpected expenses

⇒ Protection from civil liability

⇒ Compensation of legal expenses

How to take advantage of the Travel Insurance program?

In the event of an insured event, call the support service for Visa premium card holders: +38 (044) 499 39 75 (for international calls and calls within Ukraine) and 0 800 305 797 (free of charge for calls from landlines in Ukraine) the call will be transferred to Assistance through the IVR menu.

Send an email to the Assistance advisory service: [email protected].


Detailed information about the privileges program, conditions and exceptions can be found in the VISA CEMEA Privileges Program. Privileges to holders of premium Visa cards are granted based on an insurance policy (policy number ZABOTY00474).